Everything Wrong With Windows 11

The context menu

  • In detail view you need to click on the text, otherwise the wrong context menu opens. That is unless the item is already selected.

  • Flickering. Everywhere.

  • Sometimes it doesn’t even know where to put the context menu, so guess what? More flickering.

The Taskbar

  • The network and volume controls are appear visually as a group and share the same menu. Despite that, depending on which icon you right-click you get a different context menu.

  • As if that wasn’t enough, opening the right-click context menu while the left-click menu is open causes the new menu to appear below the old one.

  • Left-clicking, then right-clicking causes two menus to appear, whereas the reverse simply closes the menu.

  • The context menu has been completely nerfed. No quick options. No task manager, only a menu to open the taskbar settings.

  • Checking the exact time, including seconds? Who would want that?

  • Even the ‘Alarms and Clock’ app doesn’t tell you the answer to that.