This repository contains project templates for Unity tailored for easy usage with git that help you to setup a new project quickly.


  • Preconfigured for easy use with git
  • Includes .gitignore that only adds the absolute necessary files to build the project
  • Seperate folder for assets that shouldn’t be included in the git repository
  • Simple folder structure divided into the three main aspects of a game


  • Unity2DProject: Template for a 2D game
  • Unity3DProject: Template for a 3D game


  1. Copy the folder for the template to your desired project folder
  2. Rename the folder to the name of your new project
  3. Optional: Initialize a new git repository inside the project folder
  4. Start Unity and import the new project with Open other
  5. Import the packages you need for the project
  6. Move packages that shouldn’t be included in the repository into the Tools-folder


MIT-License: See License on Github